Error 'Document is invalid' when trying to add Postman API as New Service

In a new Library Project I try to add a Postman API-key as a New Service. Unfortunately, I get an error saying ‘Document is invalid’. I tried with the URL to the Swagger, but then I get an error saying ‘Service is invalid’.
I installed Newman (and restarted my computer) and the Node, but also then I get the same errors.
I do use a free version of Postman. Could that be the reason? My employer is working on getting licenses, but that will take some time.
Or do I need to edit things in Orchestrator?
Hope you can help me to solve this, thanks already.
Irma (Test engineer)

First, check if the swagger or JSON value that you are trying to add to UiPath Library Project is valid.

If it is not correct, correct it, and then try to add your service.

Hello Marian,
Thank you for your tip. Unfortunately, I am not a developer. I asked a developer from my team to take a look at this, so I’m still waiting on his comment.

Unfortunately, my developers are too busy to help me with this question. I can load the jason of the Swagger though. But the next I see is this:
Any idea why the services can not be compiled?


Can you add your JSON payload here ?
Can you show with a screenshot if you have an error?

Hi Irma,
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