Error: Data Extraction Scope: Value cannot be Null; Parameter name: source

Hello everyone. New user of UIpath exploring invoice automation. Getting the error above and have NO idea what to do. Can someone nice please help me. Thank you.

Hi @rockcloud6,

The error you got is a generic error about a missing parameter. Since it’s showing up under Data Extraction Scope, my guess is you need to check two things:

  • Machine Learning Extractor - Properties
  • Configure Extractors

Can you please share the screenshots of the Properties panel on the right?


Thanks for the response! Images posted below. All the variables declared are initialized with default constructors and referenced in the properties.

Hey, sorry for the late response.
I am guessing only based on the image shared here, but have you tried checking all values first?
Maybe, one of the unchecked parameters is somehow being looked for anyway and causing the extractor to fail?
The IntelligentOCR activities are still new and a few things might be rough around the edges (speaking from experience in one of the Document Understanding POCs I just built for a client).
Please try a few different things, such as extracting all fields together, or creating a different template having just one field and see if it also throws a similar error, and if it doesn’t go on adding new fields incrementally rather than all at once.

I hope this helps. Please share your findings! :slight_smile:

I facing the same error value can not be null; when I use Train classifier scope
Can Someone nice please help me.
Thank you

How are you populating the Taxonomy? Looks like you are creating it manually instead of using Load Taxonomy?

Thanks For The Replay
i am using Load taxonomy

can you please share a simple workflow (complete) with a test file that we can reproduce this issue on?
(please make sure the file is not confidential)



Yes Sure
This Is my workflow (108.7 KB)

@netri the attached workflow doesn’t even have a data extraction scope in it…

Yes But I want to use a machine learning extractor trainer activity and I have seen the document so in Document They told as if you Want to use a Machine learning trainer than use Train Extractors activity.
This is Document Reference