Error connecting with GitLab

Hi all!

I’m facing with a problem when ,connecting UiPath with Gitlab.

The context:

  • OS: Windows Environment.
  • Network: Using a proxy.
  • GIT Server: “Customer” GIT Server instance, not “”.

I’ve got implemented a process in one local folder. Actually, under: “$HOME\Documents\UiPath” folder. And I want to push it into the GitLab server.
So, in within UiPath Studio, I perform the following steps:

  • Go to: “Git Init”.
  • Committed locally.
  • Added: “https://[gitlab.server]/[]/[].git” as “remote”.
  • Trying to “push”: ERROR.

The error message is something like:

 "LibGit2SharpException: failed to convert string to wide form"

Does anyone knows what means this message and how to resolve this issue?

I’ve tried to change the “remote” location to something like: “git@[gitlab.server]...” but no way.
Even declaring a “SSH Key” in the GitLab server.

There is an URL ( where probably shows the source code of GIT for this error.
I think it’s related to the user’s credentials.
But, UiPath Studio, does NOT asks me for the credentials, so… where Studio take them from?

Any help would be appretiated. :wink:

Thanks in advance.

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Hey @agarcia.martin

What’s your current version of Studio please ?

This will help me replicate and try !


I cannot see it right now, but I think is 2022.X…
[UPDATED] UiPath Studio 2022.4.6, on Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard

Maybe “this”?