Unable to push to remote gitlab


I’m trying to connect a UiPath project to existing gitlab project. Gitlab project is just initialized, single README file. Main branch is protected in remote, so I can’t push there.

I created then an alternative remote branch to push all my changes there (before that, I did my local git init from the UiPath fresh project) but when I try to change to that remote branch to push, UiPath replies “The project does not exist at the current revision” and all my local project files get deleted.


Do I need to perform some operation in the remote prior to push? How I see this it’s like UiPath requires for a project file to exist in remote in order to push to remote, but not having the project file (or any file) in remote is exactly why I want to push to remote
Thankfully I’m testing this with a dummy project and no harm was done. I googled this and found nothing… surely missing something here, maybe the most basic thing. Thanks in advance!