Error code 1002 in add queue item

I have defined a queue name in orchestrator and I had given the same queue name in add queue item.But while running it was throwing an error as" Add queue item: myqueuename does not exist.Error code 1002"

Can anybody help me in this?

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Hey @vignesh_S.M

The queue is not found clearly.

Check if the connection of studio is in the same folder.

Also check in the Resources panel if you can see your queue.


I have checked everything all looks fine only…

The queue is present in IT folder. You need to either pass the folder value in the activity or you need to change the studio working folder in the bottom right !

Thanks a lot Krishna it works…

But the transaction items are not listed in orchestrator…It’s still shows 0 value in orchestrator after getting the transaction item into orchestrator…

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Now, I can able to view the transactions too…

Thanks a mill…

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Cool buddy :+1::innocent: @vignesh_S.M

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