Error Clarification

Hey all! I was trying to iteratively write rows from an excel table to an external window using the type into command with my data table and column passed as the input. However, I received the following error:

Source: Type Into

Message: Column β€˜A’ does not belong to table .

Exception Type: System.ArgumentException

What can I do to resolve this error?

It means that you’re reading the table with headers, or trying to accessing a column by β€˜A’. Try using indexes, like 0 for 1st column, or check if you have column that is named β€˜A’ in the excel.


Thank you! I will try that; additionally, my table starts at the fourth row. Is there any way to designate my loop to start at a specific cell index.

Is there any way for me to specifically designate which cell is started with?


In Read Range Activity, specify range as β€œA4” and then it will start from A4 to last cell. If this table has Headers then Make sure to select Add Headers option in it.

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I tried that, but it didn’t work. It keeps saying my column choice is not in range


Could you please share screenshot of your Excel data and Read Range Activity once.