Datatable index error



Hi there,

Objective: To using For each row, I am trying to input values in SAP using Type into.

Error : while executing the query, I am getting an error “Type into ‘GuiCTextField PROJ-PSP…’ : There is no row at position 7.”

GuiCTextField PROJ-PSP - refers to Typeinto activity.

But I have data in each row , I have used read range activity from “A1:AE2”


That range has only 2 rows.


Thanks Andrzej. I am using the string shown in the screenshot.

What should be my string If I have to use cell H2 (given H1 is header).

(H2 is not fixed as I am using For each)

NoteL Protable is variable assigned to read range. img3


@Arun24, What’s the range you given in Read Range ?

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@Arun24, If you are using For each row with Headers checked, then you can access it with row(“ColumnName”) .ToString in type into.

Reference Checking if one data from an excel matches another , then getting the crossponding value

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Thanks Dominic… I tried that … and I have below error to resolve to enhance my learning :slight_smile:

Once again, thanks a ton for your help.


Hi @Arun24,

If you are using for each row activity,
Use this code.

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Thank you very much Arivu:slight_smile:


I am sorry, I new here… didn’t knew much…

However, can you tell how do i read a cell because type into box is taking a lot of time I have 30K + rows to look in…

I want to copy the cell and paste into sap UI element.

To copy the cell, I am thinking of using “read cell” and to paste I will send hot keys… please suggest.

I have tried below using read cell but having an error stating that… range is out or index errors.
Note: I have defined the range using read range activity.


@Arun24, Two suggestions for you,

  1. I would strongly recommend UipathAcademy where all your queries has been framed as a tutorial and lessons that will make you strong in excel & datatable basics.
  2. Our forum that has many solutions you need to search for it.

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Thanks Dominic… I am new to uipath and learning on my own. Well, have found the solution in uipath academy :slight_smile:


@Arun24, thats cool and happy to hear.

This gives you the best experience.

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