***ERROR***Anchor base-"Activity timeout exceeded"

Hi everyone !

(SNAP 1) I have a scenario where I need to do a check in the check box in the right to the relevant value in the left.

(SNAP 2) I have used an “anchor base” for anchoring the values in the left to it’s respective check boxes.

I used a “Find Image” and indicated the values in the left . Then used a “Click” and indicated the check boxes.

I get this error “Activity timeout exceeded”.

I have tried extending the timeout and it didn’t help.

Can someone please help me to solve this error ?

can you try using the normal click activity and indicate the anchor using ui explorer?

Hello @uio

Please use ui explorer and inspect on a checkbox. You should able to see some attributes like idx or rowNum which indicates the ro value.

You can sue that in the selector of the click activity to achieve it.

Hey @uio

Why Find image ? Find Element not helping ? Kindly confirm