Error adding CV Screen scope activity

Can someone tell me why this error is showing me in one project and in another project I have it is not showing

The error you’re encountering suggests there is a conflict or issue with assembly references in your project. This can be caused by a mismatch in versions of assemblies referenced by the project, possibly due to different package versions being used in your two projects. Here’s how you can resolve this:

  1. Check Package Versions*: Ensure that the versions of UiPath packages (particularly those related to Computer Vision and OCR activities) are the same across both projects.
  2. Update Packages*: If the packages are not the same, update them to match across both projects using the Manage Packages window in UiPath Studio.
  3. Check Project Files*: Compare the project.json files of the two projects. Ensure that all dependencies are consistent and that there are no additional or missing dependencies causing the error.
  4. Reinstall Packages*: Sometimes, simply reinstalling the specific packages that might be causing issues can resolve such errors.

Hey @mironb
did you try these solutions?