Enterprise Instance - Determine Administrator and License Code


Instance: mansfctbalts

Hello, this past week, I tried to login to UI Path and create an instance to explore capabilities. The login account process asked me how I wanted to authenticate (Google ID, Microsoft ID, etc.). I chose Microsoft because I wanted to link it to my AD account. The UI Path found my ID credentials and associated them with an already existing UI Path instance for my company. I logged in and have no permissions to do anything. It tells me to ask my administrator. I have asked around internally and no one remembers creating this account. Can you please give me the administrators email address or else give me admin rights within the instance? Since this is an Enterprise instance, I tried to submit a support request but it requires a Support ID and I can’t seem to locate that in my bare bones authenticated login. There is simply no ID that I have access to see. See screenshot.

Thank you.