Entering random number in range(1,5000) into custom field is not working using type into activity

I want to enter a random number(quantity) in my applications custom field as user input.
in the range of (1,5000)
Created a random variable --> Used Assign Activity to insert number --> random(1,5000) --> Then used Type into activity and wrote Random.ToString() inside it.
But every time when i am doing the execution it simply bypasses all these activities.
I want to know how to enter user input dynamically into custom field? Which activity should i use?

@divi2002 First check whether random number is generated or not.

Can you share a workflow or screenshot, of what are you trying to acheive

No its not getting generated , just after i enter number into input field dialog box, it comes put of loop

@divi2002 use below function

new Random().Next(1,5000) it generate random number assign to required variable and try once again

This is the screenshot of my workflow.
Click on quantity field , Assign value using a variable named as random and type into quantity field again.
Note: i have used range (1,1000)

@divi2002 try by giving delay before typeinto

I entered 40 in input dialog box and it generated a random value of 297 into Type Into field.
Is it possible that there is some issue related to selector not able to recognize properties of control?

@divi2002 if possible can you share your workflow?

I am sorry, I cant share workflow.

@divi2002 may be problem with selectors

Issue got resolved with input dialog box and Entering a delay activity before field selection