Enforcing Unique References after queue creation

Hi. I have a queue in place but did not enforce unique references when I created it. I’d now like to enable this, but cannot via orchestrator nor through the API. Is there a way to change this in the background, perhaps via a database command?


Hi @TJ_automates,

It is not recommended to directly modify the database of Orchestrator as it can cause potential issues with the platform. Instead, you should consider creating a new queue with the desired settings and transferring the existing items to the new queue.

Here are the steps to do this:

  1. Create a new queue with the desired settings, including the unique reference enforcement.
  2. Stop all processes that interact with the original queue.
  3. Export all items from the original queue to a file using the “Export” function in Orchestrator.
  4. Delete all items in the original queue using the “Purge Queue” function in Orchestrator.
  5. Import the items from the file into the new queue using the “Import” function in Orchestrator.
  6. Update the processes to use the new queue with the unique reference enforcement.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your queue has unique references and that you maintain the integrity of your Orchestrator database.

I seem to have an issue with the upload part. I am getting bulkAddQueueItemsParameters must not be null. It turns out that this is because retry no contains a “.” in the header. Removing this allows me to upload. However, the items are not retaining their statuses as I would have expected from your answer.

How do I upload these as successful/failed as they were in the original queue? I’d already deleted the old items as the previous step in your suggestion.


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Hi @TJ_automates, As I mentioned before deleting needs to be export, Did you export the original queue items?

Yes, my export contains the status, retry number, start/end times, key and data.