Enforce comment writing

Hi all,

Is there a way to enforce writing comments/annotation in invoke? I thought of doing this by passing a variable or argument into a comment/annotation but since that not possible is there another way to make developers write a description of the invoke/code?


Hi @Andrija,

You could add comments by using /* like programming code.

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for such scenario we would use / write a custom Workflow Analyzer Rule and will use it for the validation

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That would go into assign itself or?

Thanks, I was thinking of maybe adding it directly into the assign somehow so I avoid making custom analyzer but I will give it a try since that seems like the best solution

as we cannot touch existing activity implementation this concept / Idea is blocked/limited. That’s how Custom WFA Rules allow us to step in and build checks around it. There is a risk, that the WFA Rule is not executed, but we can look on some chains (e.g. force the validation before publishing, etc) to buffer it.

When working on Custom WFA Rules in order to check Annotations develop this on the newer/newest versions, as this capability was sometimes later offered.

However can you check if your question is answered and the topic can be closed? Thanks

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Yes that would cover it, thank you very much!

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