End of Expression error in Type into activity

I have a search string field that I am getting the End of Expression error. I have double quotes around it so not sure why it’s not working. Hoping another set of eyes can spot my problem.

Search is:
“(‘Admin Field 4’=“APHIS Transfer to CEC TSD”) AND (‘Support Staff*’=“No”)”

Thank you in advance.

Hi terrilockwood,

You can use directly " inside your string. They way the string is being read, it’s like you a concatenation of string the first one being “(‘Admin Field 4’“. If you really need to use double quotes incide the string you can use Chr function (get the ASCII value http://www.asciitable.com/). —> it would look like :
“(‘Admin Field 4’=”+chr(34)+“APHIS Transfer to CEC TSD”+chr(34)+“) AND (‘Support Staff*’=”+chr(34)+“No”+chr(34)+")”.

Or you have to double double quote (which sometime can get confusing, in my opinion):
“(‘Admin Field 4’=““APHIS Transfer to CEC TSD””) AND (‘Support Staff*’=““No””)”

Hi, welcome to the community!
When you need to use quotes inside a string, you just double each one like this:
"('Admin Field 4'=""APHIS Transfer to CEC TSD"") AND ('Support Staff*'=""No"")"

Thank you Marti! That worked perfectly.