Encrypted Password

I’m making a robot which will, among other things log into an application at Work. We have URL, usernames and passwords in a datatable already, so I get my login variables from this table.
In the table, passwords are already stored encrypted, and now I cannot seem to find a way to enter this using UIPath.

When reading from a table I get a variable “password” which is type Generic value.
If I just enter this into my application, I get an error “wrong password”
I tried to enter it using the activity “Type secure text” but this requires my variable to be of type SecureText.
If I use Assign to make Securepassword = (new system.Net.NetworkCredential("",billRunPassword)).SecurePassword" It fails (I suppose I encrypt something already encrypted)
Is there a way for me to use my encrypted password, or must be be entered normally into UIPath?

It wont make any difference. As it will still type the password that is in billRunPassword and not another value.

In manual case you login with the encrypted password that you have in the table?

Usually I use UFT to automation. In UFT I login using:
.SetSecure billRunPassword

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I think UFT .setSecure decrypts the password and then types it into the field.
For this understanding the encryption used for storing the password is required to decrypt the password and then type it into.
In your process the data value is encrypted using the same encoder used by UFT and so the decode works fine when used with .SetSecure

Can you determine the encryption logic?

I know the encryption logic has to match, but so far that’s not an issue, as I cannot even get to use my encrypted password in the type secure text acticity because type secure text requires datatype Secure Text
So my issue is how to get my imported data changed to Secure text from generic or string, without encrypting it once again

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Using the conversion should work well as like .SetSecure, Secure Text will be converted when typed into while using Type Secure Text.
Its a similar mechanism.
When you encrypt using .SecurePassword, you are encrypting so that TypeIntoSecureText decrypts it when typing.

For more details:

Hi Ashera , were you to able to find any solution for this, even I need something similar to what we do in UFT, how can we decrypt the password like it is done in UFT setsecure as getting the password from windows credential manager does not make sense for me since we will not be able to store the password in windows credential manager