I want to decrypt a password with key and algorithm without having to encrypt it first

I have a website which have already encrypted the password using a algo and key using .net code.
I want to read that encrypted password and use the same key and algo to decrypt it.
Please let me know the best way for this.

I tried using the decrypt test activity but it is not working alone and needs to implement the encrypt text first.
Can i use the Invoke VBA activity to write my own VBA code?

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did we try with this expression in a assign activity
String plainStr = new System.Net.NetworkCredential(string.Empty, yourpasswordvar).Password

youropasswordvar is a variable of type SecureString

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The password i have to decrypt is from an asp.net website which is encrypted with DES algorithm and a key and UTF-8 encoding. Not sure if NetworkCredentials will help me in this case.

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Any body please help.