Encrypted Mail and Attachments

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I’m trying to get the attachments of an encryted Outlook mail message. I cannot retrieve it with Get Outlook Mail Messages activity. I see the following error.

Your Digital ID name cannot be found by the underlying security system.

Has anyone solved this issue before?

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Please check this


Hi @selinsecmen

Double-check if the digital ID or certificate used for encryption is valid and accessible. Make sure it is installed correctly on the machine where you’re running the automation. You can verify this by checking the certificate store in the Windows Certificate Manager.

If the certificate has expired or is no longer valid, you may need to obtain a new one and update it on the machine. Contact the appropriate authority or certificate provider to obtain a valid certificate.



Thanks for forwarding but unfortunately I cannot change the system cryptography option as my computer is configured by my company.

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Hi @Nitya1,

Thanks for replying. My certificate is valid.

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May be you can reach out to it and get it configured as .for now this is the option


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