Problems finding Robot in Postman

Hey all,

I want to establish an API connection to my robots in orchestrator. Therefor I published the processes to “My Workspace” in orchestrator, where I can find the process.
The execution type is set to unattended.

Unfortunately, if I want to get the details of the robot in Postman, I can`t find the robot with the call GET “…/odata/Robots” → it only delivers an empty field. The Organization Unit ID should be correct, as it is the one that I got from GET Process details

This is the empty result I get:

Any suggestions? Thank you for your help in advance! :slight_smile:


Refer this documentation

Hope this helps

Refer below link for your reference

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Thanks @nikhil.girish the problem was indeed that I had to use “Modern Folder”!

Cheers, Fabian

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