Empty files from SFTP Download


I am trying to work with the SFTP and SSH.NET Package in order to download files (.xls) from SFTP:


Works fine so far, but unfortunately after download, files are empty (0KB) and I do get an error when I try to open the .xls: “the file format and the file extension do not match each other”.

I can accept to open these files, but they are empty.

In the Options for SFTP Scope, I got the correct Host Name, correct Password, correct Port Number, correct User Name.

In the Get Files Activity I got the correct Remote Directory Path.

So my guess is, it has somethng to do with the download activity.
I tried different things on the Remote Full Path but nothing really works

Any suggestions?



Did you happen to try with a full hardcoded path once to understand if the activity is working properly


Any reason for not using the official activity (Activities - FTP Scope - https://docs.uipath.com/)? It also supports SFTP.

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