Empty at reading PDFs

Hi all,

I am facing an issue related to read pdf activity. I am trying to automate accountability of invoices, reading them and using regex to get the info.

The problem is that from 3 invoices with same format, the robot just reads one of them. The only difference between 3 files is the name of the file (it is the invoice number). I had never had this issue before, and now I do not understand why in the log message actvivity just appears one invoice and the other two is empty the log message activity.

For privacy data I cant attach the invoices…

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi @Angel_Llull

I think u are facing the issue of the data reader from PDF as null ?

Is it right?

Hi @Angel_Llull ,
If any images data in invoice files you can use the ‘Read PDF with OCR’ activity and use microsoft ocr(engine).It will read the entire data in a invoice file with images data also.
And take messege box to check the data.

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