Email Saved Excel Files

I need to email daily reports generated in SAP and downloaded to Excel. Downloaded files are opened and formatted using mostly Hot Keys. The files are saved using and replacing the same filename in a folder.
Look at this excel sample file:

Then, if there is a file in Folder XYZ with this filename - then email it to the corresponding email address on excel file. Ignore if no file is found in folder as there are days when there will not be a file for each.

Any and all suggestions with samples would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

hi @meada,
In your sample file,
Read your values by using the header name.
Using for each row and read line by line…

And store your Email Id in a temporary variable like username
And store your Saved File in a temporary variable like fileName

And use Send Outlook Mail Message Activity and pass the variable as a input for to Address and Attach file


I hope this will help you,

I’ll give it a try thanks!

You got the solution or not…???

No - I can not get it to read the input file with email addresses not can I get it to find the folder containing the saved excel files. I will keep at it!

I got mail! I need to make some changes as I am getting an error stating: Cannot find this file. Verify the path and filename are correct" This is because there are more filenames on the file than I have files to email. The part I stated in my first thread about there will not always be all the files listed on the feeder file to email. Thanks again for your help.

Working!! Thanks again!