Email Not Being Sent out For Specific Days

Hello everyone, I’ve made a lot of progress with your guys’ resources on this website, however I ask for more assistance with this one issue. I have the read ranges set up and assigned these ToString variables in these Write Line statements. The EmailAddress.ToString is from a DataTable variable I created that I converted to a string.

I then created this if condition to identify that if the date is within 2 days for an orientation then an email should be sent.

Here are the dates as well.

When I run the program I receive no errors, however no email is sent, so I was wondering where my issue is as I am currently in a road block. All help is greatly appreciated!

Can’t give any advice on the email configuration as its not in the screenshots, but have you verify its actually go in the IF? with a write line or something, just to know if the problem is the condition or the email configuration

The condition I have is for the dates, I do not have the email address string within the condition. I have it within the outlook mail message activity in the then section. As for the email configuration, I made it output as a datatable from a read range activity, and I converted it to a string using a write line activity.