Email format not right?

hi all

I am getting this error that is not letting me send mails I typed in my mail address like I always do when I am automating email sending processes but now I am getting this error:

i tried a lot of thing i re-made it 3 times, passed the values in as variables and as arguments but nothing seems to work please help! (assignment No.1 Advanced training)]

hi @BjrnUitenbroek
can u tell me what is the email id u mentioned or can you send the screenshot of the properties

Ashwin S

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Hi , Are you trying to send mail to Multiple Mail ID s ?
If yes , please don’t use ; as separator between mails , instead use comma(,)

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Sure @AshwinS2

no @vinay_reddy I am sending it to just one mail adress!

Try , put the To mail address Mail ID into string Variable and use there , And also pls check any spaces at the Trails of the Mail ID , use variable.trim

@vinay_reddy what do you mean by mail ID? thanks for your help!

I mean the Mail Address which you are putting in ‘TO’ field of send SMTP mail activity
Put this mail ID into the string variable and use that Variable.Trim in the ‘TO’ field of the Send SMTP mail activity

@vinay_reddy what does the variable.trim mean?

If any Spaces in the Mail ID’s Trial ends , it will remove , so the error may get resolve

there are no spaces in it! @vinay_reddy But thanks a lot for your time!


Please check the “Sender” section. From should have the email ID and Name should be have “Robot”.

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Hi @BjrnUitenbroek,

First and foremost, makes sure that you enabled all require setting for your email account.
Enable IMAP
Enable Less Secure App etc

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apperently it fixed it self so!

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