Email Creation Issue


I need to store all the messages and Attachments based on the months folder. For ex : I need to store the message and attachment regarding this month in a folder with the name Jan 2021. Next month’s mails and attachments in Feb 2021 folder.

Can anyone help me with this, how to create.

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Krishna Chaitanya

Hey @Krishna_Chaitanya_Janapat ,
To save the attachments from the mail use “Save Attachment” Activity.
Filter the emails based on the Date received and create a folder according to it.

Suruchi K

Thanks @suruchi120294

But i need each and every month emails and store it in a particular folder.

Could u plz help me with the condition what i need to give in filter.

Thanks in advance.

Do u want to save attachments only for January month as of now ?

No, I need previous months’ mails and attachments also in respective folders based on the month.

Main.xaml (8.9 KB)

Here’s the workflow attached according to your requirements.
It will save attachments according to the date received in the specific month folder.

Suruchi K


I am getting an exception when i ran the attachment which you had provided.

Username and password which I have provided is correct. Still I’m getting the issue. Please find the attachment below regarding the exception.

This exception might be occurred due to the following 2 reasons:

  • If you have multifactor authentication for your email account, UiPath cannot communicate. Please remove the multifacotor authentication.

  • In Gmail account settings, there is a factor called less secured apps. That needs to be enabled for UiPath to access the account.

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@Krishna_Chaitanya_Janapat ,
In the Server Properties use “” you have used “
I think this should resolve your error.

Suruchi K


Yeah, it is getting an issue at Assign DateTime conversion.


As you said Server name is incorrect. In Security it has Multi-factory authentication also. I had removed that.

Now its getting Conversion issue at DateTime in Assign Activity.

Anyway Thanks for your help @suruchi120294