Element not found error

Hi, UI Path fails to click on a dynamic result for subsequent rows of my excel.

Eg. for multiple vendor IDs i want UI Path to download Package documents from Internal portal.

For Vendor ID 1234 (used at time of designing), UI Path is able to search on portal and click on Package ID “PKG78676”.
However, for the next vendor ID 2345, UI path does not click on the Package ID “PKG87656”. and throws an error Element not found". How to fix this error? Please help!!!

Note : Anchor for both is same “Package Number”. Problem is just when searched for different vendor ID, the Package number changes.! UI Path Identifies only the number selected at time of designing.


Hi @rishabh10.jain,
can you please share the selector of that activitiy you use to click on the ID. I assume you need to make your selector dynamic.
Thanks in advance,

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Hi Omit,

Thank You for the quick response. I am a beginner and hence have just used the simple ‘Click Activity’ to click on the Package Number and “indicated the target”.

Click Activity

@rishabh10.jain, Hi and welcome to the community, is this studioX?

Thank You Senzo. Yes, this is StudioX.

Hi @rishabh10.jain,

In this case you have to change your selector to make it work dynamically.
click on the box with 3 lines as shown in below figure…

And then click on Edit Selector.
You’ll get to see the selector… in that selector there will be multiple attributes (e.g ID=‘1234’)
So where you see the value —> 'PKG08292169', instead of that you have to put '*' OR 'PKG*', in order to make it work for every Package Number.

Save it, run it.

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Thank You so much Samir. This worked and my Automation is ready :+1:

Super Helpful. :grinning: