Element exists returns always false

Hi, I have an “element exists” activity in a PDF automation. It should check whether there is a window with the message that there are no further results (after a search). Now everything works when I use the activity isolated with the window open. However, in my workflow the activity always returns False even if the window is there. I’m confused :S

Could you share the selector you’re using?

<wnd app='acrord32.exe' cls='#32770' title='Acrobat Reader' />
<wnd cls='GroupBox' />


Maybe use a attach windows

Thanks for the suggestion. In my workflow that doesn’t work, it is within an attach window frame.

so maybe try without attach windows and / or WaitForReady to COMPLETE

Tried both without luck. It is really strange as it can validate and highlight it but within the workflow it no longer recognizes it. The actions right before is ctrl+F then write into the search field and hit enter.

Did you change the timeout? Maybe it’s too low?


in the selector, target the message and not the window

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