“Element exists” or "Get Text" activity in combination with “if” activity

I tried to get a validation from a open Browser. When I use "Get Text " I do not get which is not valid after assigning the variable as Boolean. I tried using “Element Exists” same I do not get False at all even the element doesn’t exist.


I hope you are getting the element or text you are looking for in an pop up window, so you need to use attach browser activity to get that or to denote that text

Main.xaml (14.6 KB)

Can you Help me with the work flow what needs to be changed. I will be changing from message box to write excel once this is fixed.

Try placing in IF condition key=true

Hope this helps


Same issue back even placing in if condition “key=true”. Even for invalid statement shows valid.

It shows valid even if it is Notvalid.