Elasticsearch Certificate Authentication Error " curl -X GET "xxxxxx" "

Elasticsearch certificate authentication error - curl -X GET "xxxxxx".

Error: curl -X GET "https://localhost:9200/_cluster/health?wait_for_status=yellow&timeout=50s&pretty" -k -u "kibana:xxxxxxxx"{

"error" : {

"root_cause" : [


"type" : "security_exception",

"reason" : "unable to authenticate user [kibana] for REST request [/_cluster/health?

Resolution: Follow the below steps of troubleshooting,

  1. Check that the SSL certificates have been properly configured in Elasticsearch. Do this by running the following command:

Replace "/path/to/ca.crt" with the actual path to the CA certificate that was used to sign the SSL certificates for Elasticsearch.

If the SSL certificates are not properly configured, a certificate error message may be seen, share the error message with UiPath Support team.

  1. Check that the Elasticsearch cluster is running and healthy. D2o this by running the following command:

If the cluster is not healthy, see an error message indicating the reason for the failure.

  1. Check that the Elasticsearch configuration files have been properly updated with the new SSL certificates. Restart Elasticsearch and IIS after updating the configuration files for the changes to take effect.