Edit / Create HTML Content - Missing header / First Datarow in Bold


I’m doing a simple exercise of extracting data table using Table Extraction from a website then send an email containing the table. I have no problem in extracting the table and saving it inside the project notebook excel file: nothing is missing including the header. But if I extract the table, save it as a variable then use it directly in the Send Email activity (Body: HTML), the header of the table is somehow missing. Sure I can do a turnaround by sending the table as attachment instead, but I’m just wondering if there’s an explanation on the missing header.


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Are you using Create HTML content Activity?

Hi @Zoul_BZ
Just need to know one thing, how u are converting your tables to html table ?

Hi @kumar.varun2 . No, it is the HTLM editor in the Send Email activity.

Hi @NIVED_NAMBIAR I don’t know if there is a conversion happening. What I did is just using The Table Extraction wizard, add data, select one column of the table, then preview the table. As you can see, the header is still there in the Preview.

Then I assigned the extracted table to the fifaTable variable:


Use the Send Email activity, select HTML body and open the editor:

Add data values, then Map “Table” to the saved variable “fifaTable”.

And the email result as follows, where the header is missing:



I have noticed the same…

For me it seems that header should be included, as first line is in bold.


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try adding something adding a blank row(1st row)