Edit Asset Values in Orchestrator

Hello Automation Masters,

  1. I want to store a Boolean value, in the Assets section of UiPath Orchestrator.
  2. From the Workflow, in some conditions i want to update that Boolean Value.
  3. I want to add one asset as type Boolean and will be storing some Global Data which will be checked before execution of the workflow activities.

Awaiting for any suggestions…Please help.


Only using the Orchestrator API: https://www.uipath.com/hubfs/Documentation/OrchestratorAPIGuide_2016.2/UiPathOrchestratorAPIGuide_2016.2.html#AssetDto

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Can’t we connect to UiPath database from Studio and update the AssetValue?

Something like

Update AssetValues set Value='True' where AssetId=55


Yes. Though it is not recommended for Enterprise use for security reasons.


Understood. Thanks.

Hi @badita, can i have this API for Orchestrator Version 2016.1.6099?

After completing one process,i want to store the last value for next process reference like that i will update the value for every process.Is there any solution or activity mean pls give ?

Hi vvaidya

Can you please let me know how to connect to UIpath DB?