Update int type asset in orchestrator from Studio

int type asset (SearchCount = 0) created in orchestrator
How can I update the SearchCount asset in orchestrator from Studio?

Morning Search: At the end of 1st Search in the morning, if search count is 10 in Studio, how can I pass this value to update orchestrator SearchCount asset value.

Afternoon Search: SearcCount Asset now has a starting value of 10 from this morning, if I search 20 times in the afternoon, the asset should now be updated to 30.

Evenning Search: Asset now has a starting value of 30 from afternnon, at the end of the evening search, I need to reset the asset counter back to 0. Thanks for your help.


Welcome to our uipath community.

Use Set Asset activity to update the Asset value in Orchestrator.

Thank You very much.

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