Ecxel only reading 1 row

Why is my excel sheet/data table only reading 1 of about 50 rows?
i am using a
if and searching for all row with funds of over 1 that should be returning all rows but its only showing the last one?
anyone know why and how i sort this if its code where do i put it?

Hi @WillBrown

Can you share a bit of screenshot or your code for reference ?

happy to

the full code please, as far from this I can say is that the funds>1 it writes fund else nothing

does this help?

Sorry, its getting confusing

Can you please share your whole code allowing me to take a quick look at your code?

is this what your looking for

ohh soo the read range is only getting the first row right ?

should the read range here not be getting the whole sheet with the code like this?
at current it is only finding the final row not the first
even if i put somthing in the “else” action still only 1 row is being found and it is the last one

I hope only the last row (as you say) matches the if condition which is greater than 1
Is it so
If possible can we have a view on the excel a screenshot with that column and it’s value

Cheers @WillBrown

sure here is the excel sheet as you can see there are multiple files over 1 in the funds

Kindly try with this expression

Cheers @WillBrown

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haha prolly occuring because of the string type difference…

@WillBrown do make a point is the error occurs like this to simply try pasting a lot of output in for getting what’s actually getting passed :slight_smile:

i am new to coding can you please tell me where i convert it?
am i converting the veriable ?

In your IF condition it was mentioned like Funds>1
Instead of that use this expression

Similarly for others as well if any conditional operator is used
Replace the variable name Funds with other variable name
Cheers @WillBrown

unfortunatly its just doing the same thing and only returning the last row

i have another project where its doing something slimier. i thought it was reading the data table in reverse but no its only getting the last row and then telling me there are no more rows

I wonder why so
Do we have mentioned any specific range in read range activity
Or do we use any other IF condition before to this

Cheers @WillBrown

unfortunatly not

it is just the ecxel sheet
read range set to read all sheet 1
creating the variables
then the If statement thats it

Put a breakpoint on the For Each row activity and inspect your datatable variable.