Easy excel

I used Balareva.EasyExcel package

In This I used Set Border activity ss attached below

here In cell range I write this “A”+(Length+2).ToString+":E"+(length2+1).ToString

some one told me the meaning of this statement


You are using custom activity for setting border for given range. The expression which you are using your providing range to set border in your case your calculating total row count from datatable and store in a varaiable length2. it will give you the number for last row so your increment by 1 to set border after last row. I am not sure what is length variable which you are using in your expression. Try to learn the variables and datatable concepts in uipath academy for better understanding. Thanks.


To interpret this expression
I hope length and length2 are of int32 type and hope you are getting the value for length as

Length = dt.Columns.Count

Which gives the total number of columns in dt
And length2 is the rows count

So finally expression will be coming as if there are two rows and five columns

This now becomes a range to set the border

Hope this clarifies

Cheers @Lakshya_Garg