Dynamic value - Datatable filter

Hello Everyone,

How do I filter the datatable with a dynamic value? Instead of a known(static) value, I would like to filter it based on the value I get from the for loop

Ex: dt1.select("[‘Column7’]=row.item(3).tostring).copytodatatable()

Is it possible?


There is an activity available Data Table Filter.
Try to use that.

Will that allow dynamic value? I know it allows static value but will it allow dynamic values? Moreover I only see “Filter Table”, I don’t see any activity with “Data Table filter”

So try to use in a loop

When I use row.item(1).tostring as a criteria to filter, it doesn’t accept. throws an error

Actually this is not available in my studio. I am using 2017.1.6682 enterprise version

Assign a DataRow dr=dt.Rows(0)
use for each
for each item in dr.ItemArray

So try to use this.