Dynamic selector table row based on searched word

I have a need to select the Identifier value from the FSAN row (see screenshot).

In the example, it is in the 4th row but it can be in the 2, 3, 4, and sometimes 5th row. How do I find the row # the word “FSAN” is in for column 2 and then get the value in the same row but column 1?

Create a dynamic selector as described below:

for this you need to use a different selector tag.

  • After edit selector click on open uiexplorer
  • reindicate on FSAN
  • on right top side from panel you will get some alternates, take some tag with FSAN as content (e.g innertext)
  • apply the dynamizing as from link above
  • remove any Tablerow tags

Hi Zigmo,

have you found the solution as i m having the same issue here too.

Hi @jiechiat83_Low

Since According to figure posted by @zigmo on his query, it is a table format

Since u need to select the identifier based on row that contains FSAN

u can try the following

  1. Datascrape the table (along with identifier and their corresponding url which help to naviagate to page when we click on identifier)

  2. Since after datatscrapping data is stored in datatable u can use some condition to validate where row("Type).Equals(“FSAN”)
    ( Inside for each row.i am validating)

When it is equal u can use the identifier or it’s corresponding url to naviagate to webpage
Or instead of using url u can use click activitiy to click the identifier by making it as dynamic
(By using identifier number to identify the element to be clicked)

Well you can try in both ways :blush:

Hope it helps you


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