Dynamic Selector Help

My problem:
I have a table with Col-3(name) and Col-9(elements,KB,element,blalbla)

There are a lot of folders in this table and I should program the RPA to click through the folders.

I have a Datatable:(Output: ExtractDataTable
For each row:(row in ExtractDataTable)
“click” to the Folder(Internet) this selector schaut so aus:

and here I’m supposed to make jz a dynamic selector just like?^^

My task is to imitate a database.

Main.xaml (19.1 KB)

If you go to the properties tab of your click event you can then expand the property that says “Target”.
Here you can edit the selector but do not do so from the “…” button. Edit the selector directly in that window.
You can then use a string variable to dynamically change your selector.
For example I’ve updated the title portion of the selector below with a variable called myVariable the same way you would add a variable into any other String.

wnd app=‘explorer.exe’ cls=‘CabinetWClass’ title=‘“+myVariable+”’ />

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Now I create a variable called “selector” But what do I know about the variable?
my selector at "click A looks like this to:

“webctrl aaname=‘SE-Projects’ name='”+selector+“’ parentname=‘Items’ tag=‘A’ />”

How does the robot know where to click? In my example above:
If there is a datatable, for each and then he asks if Column-9 ends with element.
Then he just has to double click on a folder to go into it.

if you haven’t seen them yet I think the UiPath Academy’s videos on variables and selectors can explain it better than I could in a forum post. The video’s are very informative and cover a variety of topics. I’ve put links to the episodes on variables and selectors below, and you can see the rest on their youtube channel.

UiPath Essesntial Training - 4 3 Selectors - YouTube