Dynamic Selector for Data Scraping from Multiple Websites


I have an excel datatable with data (Name / First Name, Phone Nr.,…) and corresponding WebSite URL links (more than 200 different). Workflow should check in each WebSite, if data still exists.

Now my question is, how to scrap all WebSites for data to find.

  1. With Data Scrapping I need to define area to scrap on each WebSite individually, so that’s not appropriate (to many WebSites, they can change anytime).
  2. With Screen Scrapping / CV Screen Scope I don’t know how to define selector dynamically to check the whole WebSite. Also how to avoid all possible popup windows?
  3. Inside the vcWebSiteHTML (string variable) from HTTP Request activity I don’t allways get all the data shown on the WebSite.
  4. Would it work with Save WebSite as PDF and afterwards check the PDF for data?
  5. Any other solution possible?

Thanks for any advice.

Kind regards,