I can not scraping data in any site dynamically


From which site you are trying to scrape data?

Post the screenshot of the table and your validate button will validate the selector when the selector page is open in the machine

@Rakesh123 its difficult to understand with an image you have given, can you describe your issue that would be helpful for others to understand your problem and provide solutions,if possible attach a sample workflow whatever you tried so far.

actually i want to searching data from flipkart or amazon but statically it is scraping data best but when i try it dynamically it dose not scrap any data please help me

Can you add a sample workflow and could you elaborate on static and dynamic you are referring,

It is better to configure your Selector as a String

  1. Copy then delete the current selector
  2. Paste in value something like this :

“< html app=‘chrome.exe’ title=’”+attr+"’/>"