Dynamic Selector for Check and Uncheck activity

Hello everyone,
I have to check and uncheck a list according to the statement Infront of it. the list is dynamic, and it can have different number of items in different times. I should uncheck the checkbox if the statement contains “Dropped” or leave it checked if the statement doesn’t contain “Dropped”. Please. I have already used for each Uielemet activity and i can print out the items which contains “Dropped” but the issue is with the selector it keep selecting the same item and it checks and unchecks the same activity according to the number of raws that contains dropped. please take a look at the image below.


Hi @elt.rd13 ,
Have you try use find children → listCheckbox
then use for each element in listCheckbox
if contain “Dropped” ->check

hey @elt.rd13 ,

Try using Anchor base activity,
left side use FIND ELEMENT activity and make its selector dynamic and left side of anchor base use a classic click activity

Hope it helps you out!