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I’m trying to select a date from TCMB - Kurlar based on the user input. However “Click” for month and day doesn’t work, while click for the year works fine. How can i solve it? Thanks in advance.

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I created a variable named “Month” and tried this selector in click activity.

<html app='chrome.exe' title='CBRT - Exchange Rates' />
<webctrl aaname='{{Month}}' idx='1' parentid='calendar_report' tag='FONT' />

I tried for both January and February. It worked.

I don’t see any day or date section in the website. It just shows a table with random numbers and column names as pts, Wrap etc…,

Hi @EmirY
I tried and I was able to click on month and date using below selectors :
Variables used are ‘month’ and ‘day’

Main.xaml (11.7 KB)

Thanks but unfortunately it didn’t work for me. Here is my workflow, in case you want to check it.

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It didn’t work for me

hi @EmirY

I made some changes to your workflow and it works now. Please get the UiPath project from this zip file:
DateSelectionDynamic.zip (52.0 KB)

Changes made:

  1. I made the month value as datee.tostring(“MMMM”). “MMMM” will give you full name of the month and your website also has full month name.
  2. In open browser, I added an activity to click on “English” button to translate page to english and then I adjusted year and month selectors so that they work as expected.

Don’t try this workflow directly for april month. Because the website is showing “Engagement” instead of “April”. I suggest you to use an if condition in your workflow. If(month = “April”), then assign month = “Engagement”. Apart from this everything else will be the same. You can start using the workflow.

Feel free to reply in case of any more doubts.

Thank you so much for your help, it works. However for learning purposes I’m trying to solve it with the help of “relativeVisibility” in Uipath Explorer. Hope I could explain it.

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For instance for this selector idx = 1, but it clicks the month only if the year is equal to 2021 because of index value. However I need to get rid of this and when the year is 2020, namely when idx must be equal to 2, idx = 1 should transform into idx = 2. When I check the selector in Property Explorer , relativeVisibility returns a value of False, if the year isn’t 2021, since its idx = 1. I’m really not sure if I explained it understandable or correctly but the thing is I need help.


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I’m not able to understand completely. Anyways if idx value is greater than 2, UiPath doesn’t recommend you to use that tag.

But if my solution helped you, can you please mark my post as a solution. You may open new topic for this relative visibility.

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