How to Create a Dynamic Selector for Click Activty

Hi everyone,

I need to create a dynamic selector for years, months and days on this web site : TCMB - Kurlar

I created 3 dynamic selector for years, months and days. But the selectors i did for months and days do not work for years other than 2020. They only works when I choose the year 2020. I looked for if there are any difference in selectors of 2020 or 2013 or 2008 but can not see any difference. Here is my selector for month:


Is there anyone who can help me about it? Thanks,

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Upper Selector is for 2020.01.10
Lower one is for 2017.01.10
There is difference in last char of parentid

Check your parentid variable

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Hello @mazlumkacar,
You can now Right-Click in Studio when you are editing Selector to open additional menu as I have shown you here on image:

Then you can choose an variable or argument available in that menu:

Then UiPath Studio will automatically generate this:

You can also do that manually {{variable}}.

But as @Dongjin_Lee said it is probably an argument or variable which you are sending into selector that is filled correctly so check an input for that variable.

Happy automation,

Here is the selector that i use. In my selector text there is no difference but i do not understand why it is not working.

upper: 08.2020, lower: 08.2011