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I have created a form on UiPath forms which uses data grid to dynamically increase the number of rows on clicking the Add Another button. I need to recreate this on Apps since the requirement is to share this form as a link with people who don’t have the UiPath software. Is there anyway I can duplicate the containers on a click of a button in Apps?

Thank You.

@Kanak ,

Datagrid dynamic is not possible right now into Apps. I would suggest please follow the approach as below.

1 Create a page with table.
2 Add button on top of table +Add
you can design page as below

3 On click of button open page to capture record
4 Add button on sub page save or cancel
5 on save store data into source system and refresh table data


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So the button will open a page where the user can enter data and then that data will be saved into the table on the first page yes?

I will try working this and mark this as a solution in a bit. Thank you for the reply!

Yea you are right !! Thank you!!!

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