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I’m using UiPath forms to create a form for the user. I want to create a form where there are a dynamic number rows, and where each row contains the following:

  • a checkbox
  • a text
  • a table

The number of rows is dynamic, each text within a row is dynamic and the table also needs to be dynamic. So, everything should be filled using arguments.

See image below. Here you can see 4 rows, but this can be more or less, and also the table within can have different/dynamic number of rows.

Any idea how I can do this without hardcoding all values?

Hi, @Jordi_Verheul_Tacstone

I not need use Forms yet, but I think you could achieve this using this method:

After retrieve your dynamic data, use some loop to build your tables in HTML notation. The idea is before use create form, you already have formatted tables. Then pass your html as in argument in Create Form and use HTML Content element in Advanced menu. Enter the html argument to it. To better understanding see this reference:

Let me now if it works for you

Hi @rikulsilva ,

Good suggestion. It looks like I can indeed show the correct information in the UiPath Forms this way. However, when I change data in this Forms, such as checking a checkbox, how can this information be retrieved after submitting the Form? The html that is put in, is not changed after changing things in the Forms. It want to retrieve the information of which checkboxes are checked.

Do you know how?


I guess, not sure

You can relate the data.field as your field collection and build your field collection from you DataTable

I’ll make a test and let you know if it works

Hi, @Jordi_Verheul_Tacstone

To do this, you can:

Create List of String variable > Add to this list every table in html notation (after built dynamically)

In Create Form, pass two arguments as in/out:

choices (dictionary of String, Boolean) - in/out - variable choices
choices_selectboxes (list of string) - in/out - variable that contains your html content

Mark generate Input Fields



May this link help you

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