Dynamic fields in a body of an email via html or word

How to bring in dynamic fields in it please


As per my knowledge with the Studiox we cannot achieve your goal. for the recent releases studiox xome with the developer options in the activities so we can bring Studio activities into studiox. Please enable it by following below steps. For this you have to go little technical.

→ in the filter you have to select developer option it will enable the studio activities. select the send outlook mail message activity. use this activity to send emails there we have option to send dynamic body content.

→ to send dynamic body content. you have to create one text file for the eamil body as below.

eg: Hi Team,

please find the below details.

Order reference : {1}
Order Value: {2}

RPA Bot.

→ to enter this dynamic content we have to use read text file activity to read the content from text file.

→ use assign activity like below.


→ Use the OrderText in the body to pass this dynamic content via email.


You can use HTML Editor to add dynamic values in the body of HTML e-mail:

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Hi @flavius ,

Thanks for your valuable post. got to know this facility available in the StudioX.


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