Dynamic download path settings

I have added a wait for download activity and it has the monitor Path for my system I have configured and it’s fine how can I configure for others system… how to set that path dynamically.
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You can copy the downloaded file and move it to a different directory.

Hi @ridvanucok ,
In wait for download activity we have monitoring folder path for my system for ex. C:users/xxx/download ok…
I need to configure this folder path in another machine with user name yyy or xxx which whill change every 4months how to set download path for that machine…

If there is a public network folder, it might help to move your file there.

Hey @sanjay_gowda

Kindly save the path in the asset (Value per user with or without machine)


Hi @Nithinkrishna,

Cant we pass dynamic folder location i.e if I give the automation script to another user the robot should choose their download path location I need this thing to be done…

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hI @sanjay_gowda

You can try with this


This will get you upto the user profile you can concatenate it with \Download

Hope this Helps



Hey @sanjay_gowda

Understood. The approach provided by @Gokul001 should help.



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