I want to know if i can use the wildcard in the download paths

Ok,same as the title,I want to know if I can use the wildcard in the download paths,such as C:\Users\*\Downloads

Hi @HuaiYe,

You can construct the path by yourself dynamically.

  • Create variable to store userprofile of current windows login profile “varUserprofile”
  • Create another variable to save the folder path “varDownloadPath”
  • Use Get Environment Folder activity to get and store the Userprofile
  • Then construct the path using Assign activity

varDownloadPath = Path.Combine(varUserprofile, “Downloads”)

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@aanandsanraj ,I want to know what I should choose?

Choose “UserProfile” in the activity

@aanandsanraj ,Like this?

Yes you are correct

Just print the “VarDownloadPath” and see the result

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@aanandsanraj Thank you

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