"Dynamic Data Flow Between Two UiPath Workflows: Passing Weather-Dependent Suggestions from Main.xaml to NewForm.uiform"

I have created two workflows in UiPath Studio version 2023.10:

Workflow 1: Main.xml In this workflow, I collect a city name from the user and then fetch the weather conditions for that city. Depending on the weather condition, such as “rainy,” I make clothing suggestions to the user. However, it’s possible that the user doesn’t have the recommended clothes. In such cases, I want to provide a list of items in Workflow 2, “NewForm.uiform,” as checkboxes. The user can check the items they don’t have, and I will suggest places for them to purchase these items.

It’s important to note that all the data in these workflows is dynamic. This means that the weather condition will change based on the city, and consequently, the suggested items will also change accordingly.

The challenge is how to pass data from Workflow 1 to Workflow 2.


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Add argumnets in your workflow two…and I believe in workflow1 you will have an invoke workflow activity to call workflow 2…there click on import arguments and pass the variables where the required data is present and link them to argumnets…in workflow 2 those arguments can be used

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the NewForm.uiform file is not xaml file , there is no argument panel !!


If its form then you can use show form activities and pass the values