Duplicate Entries in Excel when using Export Extraction Results

Hello all,

I have an inquiry regarding writing the data set retrieved from the Export Extraction Results activity. I have followed the other posts regarding this topic and loop through the tables and append them to an excel file.


However for some reason whenever I do this, my entries are duplicated instead of displaying the name of the column.


I am not sure why program is behaving differently than the examples on the forums and the videos I have watched. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!

Hello @JosephNehl,

Please attach your workflow. I’ll check and assist you.

Arun Vignesh
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Thank you! Attached is the workflow I am having issues with. Unfortunately I could not upload everything: I cannot include the api keys, taxonomy I am using, the actual keyword learning files with data or the pdfs themselves since they are confidential, so there will be a few things that need to be filled in before the workflow will run. I apologize for this. Thank you again!

DocUnderstanding.zip (39.9 KB)

@JosephNehl did you get this resolved? I am facing the same issue

To find duplicate records including 1st occurrences

Supposing you have a list of items in column A that you want to check for duplicates. These can be invoices, product IDs, names, or any other data.

Here’s a formula to find duplicates in Excel including first occurrences (where A2 is the topmost cell):

=COUNTIF(A: A, A2)>1

Input the above formula as per your convenience & after that, you can filter & remove all duplicate entries. If you need more assistance I suggest visiting O365CloudExperts.

@Vajrang Hello unfortunately I did not get a solution to this. I did however create a workflow that removes the duplicates by only printing every other line. This is not optimal but it does function and work as expected.

@jerry_maguire Thank you for the info! However this specific problem isn’t about checking for duplicates, it is that scanning a single document using document understanding is producing two lines of the same information when using the export extraction activity. There should only be one line being written because it only has one document as an input but it doubles the rows up when exporting using the uipath provided activity.

@JosephNehl - Instead of Append Range, did you try choosing Write Range with Header option checked?

I never faced this problem…


I have the same problem: