Duplicate Entries in Excel when using Export Extraction Results

Hello all,

I have an inquiry regarding writing the data set retrieved from the Export Extraction Results activity. I have followed the other posts regarding this topic and loop through the tables and append them to an excel file.


However for some reason whenever I do this, my entries are duplicated instead of displaying the name of the column.


I am not sure why program is behaving differently than the examples on the forums and the videos I have watched. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!

Hello @JosephNehl,

Please attach your workflow. I’ll check and assist you.

Arun Vignesh
Automation makes life simple


Thank you! Attached is the workflow I am having issues with. Unfortunately I could not upload everything: I cannot include the api keys, taxonomy I am using, the actual keyword learning files with data or the pdfs themselves since they are confidential, so there will be a few things that need to be filled in before the workflow will run. I apologize for this. Thank you again!

DocUnderstanding.zip (39.9 KB)