Dummy needs help: how do i make uipath studioX write the date in the correct ddmmyyyy format into excel?

Hi, in my automation I have successfully used [get text] to acquire dates (dd/mm/yyyy) from an internet browser, to be written into an excel sheet. However uipath writes the dates into an incorrect mm/dd/yyyy format.

The correct date to be acquired should be 01/07/2021 from the internet browser, but this gets written as 07/01/2021 in excel by uipath.

Ergo 01 July 2021 from the browser becomes incorrectly written as 07 January 2021 in the excel.


What am I doing wrong? What additional steps or tweaks do I need?

Please note I am a newbie dummy who is using UiPathStudioX 2020. 10. 6 enterprise license windows installer. Appreciate it if all remedies/advice be given with regard to studioX, and with details on what to type

Thank you for your kind assistance :slight_smile:


Check below for your reference

Hope this may help you