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I created UiPath Studio that works with csv files. When I open it myself the date in the cell reads as dd/MM/yyyy but when I run UiPath it reads as MM/dd/yyyy which makes the date incorrect. Is there a way to fix it? P.S. I fixed the time and date format on the computer as dd/MM/yyyy and it still doesn’t work. When I look at the Trigger page on Orchreatrator I see it will work again. MM/dd/yyyy We can do How can I do it?

Open by myself

Hi @Sarttra

While using Read Range Workbook enable Preserve Format option in the properties. It won’t change the format. Can you check whether the format in Excel is dd/MM/yy or MM/dd/yy.


Open by UiPath

It converts to MM/dd/yyyy from the start.


It should be like this.


we recommend not to open CSV files with Excel, but in any text editor e.g. notepad++. So you can rely on what is in the file as content and its formats.

  • Read CSV File Activity
  • do the processing along with needed parsings and format conversions

But I need to use a csv file to work with Excel by filtering date data and append it to a table.

can also be done with the datatable resulting from the CSV file and after filtering it can be appended to CSV and/or Excel again


if you open csv as text file then you would see the exact format and that is the format you need to use

and any manipulations can be done by reading the data into datatable and then use linq or further activities


What I see is the date dd,MM,yyyy but when I use UiPath read csv and append it to excel the the date is still MM/dd/yyyy and the date is still distorted and reads as a different month. old

I tried it and it’s still the same. (926 Bytes)
This is example of file


then try reading as text file and then use generate datatable and check


as mentioned:

and we see the clear format in csv:

And same is in the resulting Data Table:

So you can do all processing on this and within the formats

Writing back to a same CSV should be fine
Writing to Excel maybe need a cell reformatting afterwards

Feel free to elaborate more on:

So we wold help you also on this part